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Star Fox Level Fan Art [Unreal Engine]

Star Fox Level Fan Art - Unreal Engine

In order to learn a little more about the features provided by Unreal Engine, I made a prototype level based on one of the playable environments from the Star Fox Saga.

Since there are several areas within the game industry, in this project I focused on the artistic part which I was responsible for Level Layout, Materials, Set Dressing, Post-Process Effects, Optimization, and Lighting.

This level was created for learning purposes and using mostly free assets provided by Epic Games.

List of all asset packs used :
- Arcade Space Shooter Template by Coqui Games.
- Paragon: Agora and Monolith by Epic Games.
- Bird of Prey by Epic Games.
- Infiltrator Demo by Epic Games.
- Open World Demo Collection by Epic Games.

Critiques and comments are more than welcome :)